Why do we use Laravel for the back-end?

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We’re not the only ones who love Laravel. It’s the most starred backend framework on Github and has unanimously become the most popular PHP framework, and this isn't by accident. Laravel makes it easier to create really powerful web applications, CMS/CRM systems and custom backends, that are secure, fast, and scalable.


Laravel is proven capable of protecting web applications from some of the most serious security risks, including SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. Protecting your data is crucial and we need to rely on proven methods.


In the digital world, speed is everything - this is true regarding the performance of your digital products, as well as the speed of the development cycle. Laravel helps optimize both these things. Now we all have time for more pizza 🍕.


As a framework, Laravel is suitable for small web applications to complete enterprise-level solutions. It allows us to scale up your system, as it gets more users, features grow, and scales in size, with little hustle.

Laravel follows the same philosophy as the front-end framework that we work with, namely Vue.js - they both integrate well together and help us build best-in-class digital products. (Read about Why do we build in Vue.js?)

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