Why do we build interfaces in Vue.js?

Time to discuss Vue.js with our frontend team?

There are various popular front-end frameworks/libraries used by developers today to build modern, single-page applications and interactive user interfaces. The debate of which one to use typically falls between the camps of Vue.js, React, and Angular.

Over the years we’ve used all three of the above to build everything from large-scale campaigns, websites to complex web applications and in the end, we settled on Vue.js. For us, the main reasons we choose Vue is its great performance, high efficiency and the fact it’s so China-friendly.


The Vue.js library has a focus on being lightweight, flexible, and modular. The overall size of the framework (20kb🔥) makes it the smallest of its kind, which ultimately means it's nimble and loads quickly. We love this.


We think Vue.js code is easy to write and easy to maintain, with a gentle learning curve, making it easy to navigate and adapt to. Its various out of the box tools such as Vue CLI provide the ability to quickly scaffold projects and Vue.js devtools help debug an app in runtime, allows us to visually see the structure of your components and change data directly in the browser. A fast coding process means an efficient development cycle, which means your products get launched sooner than later. Sounds good, right?


Vue.js was created by ex-Googler and China native, Evan You. It’s been widely adopted here in China as the most popular front-end framework, with a thriving development community with support and documentation in Chinese. It’s even used by tech giants like Alibaba. This makes a lot of sense for us being in China, and if you’re reading this, most likely you too.

In conclusion, Vue.js fits us well, and we’re really good at making interfaces with it. Check out some of our Vue.js open source work.

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